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From Next Door is a short mystery-horror game developed for the 2016 Pixel Horror Jam, featuring 100% original graphics, story-driven gameplay, exploration and decision making. It draws inspiration from the works of Junji Ito and games like Silent Hill, with the story focused on the eerie and the bizarre.


Namie has just moved into a new house, one that was rented for a too-good-to-be-true price. It seemed like a good idea at first - nice house, low price, fully furnished, quiet neighborhood… but when she comes across a locked room on the second floor, she starts to realize there's more to the house than what she was told. Why is that room locked? Why did the previous tenant leave the house so suddenly, leaving his things behind? And what's the deal with the windowless house next door?


The game is largely centered around the story itself, with the player exploring the environment to discover clues and to progress forward. Exploration is the key to uncovering the game's mysteries - and although the game follows a linear story line, the choices you make will affect how you discover information and, perhaps, even affect the outcome of things.

Length: ~50 min
Warning: Mild jumpscares
Headphones recommended!

Version 1.1 Update: Bug Fix
Version 1.2 Update: Added small hint for puzzle and bug fix
Version 1.3 Update: Bug fixes, added an RTP and no RTP version of the game

Published Oct 28, 2016
Tags2D, Horror, Mystery, Pixel Art, Short
Average sessionAbout an hour
MentionsWorld of Horror is Poland's bloody tribu...

Install instructions

If you already have RPG Maker VX Ace's RTP installed, you can download the no RTP version. If not, download the RTP version which already includes it.

Feel free to report any bugs you might encounter!


From Next Door1.3 (no RTP).rar 26 MB
From Next Door 1.3 (RTP included).rar 211 MB


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I'm pretty coward to play this things, so I make my boyfriend play it for me XD I like the way is ambiented with the sound, but I didn't like the way the maps where placed. 

When I got the camera and choose "no" for hidding in the closet I get a bug. 

A good game. The Gameboy graphics style is just great. The sounds are creepy and scary. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work !!!

I played it. The first jumpscare at the window made me throw my headphones off in fright.

Still, I recommend that everyone tries it out.

Really enjoyed this game, well done and nice endings

loved this! i'm normally a real wuss with horror but this was really compelling. i'd love to see a sequel that answers some of the unanswered questions. i do think it could've been clearer on how to get the different endings, but it's still great.

This is my second time playing through the game, first time releasing a video. I absolutely adore it. The sound in this game is incredible. Half the time I couldn't tell what sounds I was hearing from the game and what ones were coming in from outside my window. You can see what I mean in my video Don't Look Next Door - From Next Door Part 1.


What does RTP means ? can someone explain 


Fantastic stuff, definitely felt the Junji Ito influences. Love the visual style and the story was very well told, overall really nicely done, great job!

Wow. Just...wow. This game is a lovely homage to Junji Ito's style of horror. Played it with my wife in a dark room at night. Got two endings, watched the others. We kept giving each other "wtf" glances as the tension built. There were swear words and incoherent noises of horror at every jump scare. We had to turn on all the lights and cover every window in the house after we were done. Overall, SpaceZeta, I can't wait to see what you do next!




This game is excellent- great creepy atmosphere and awesome pacing. I very much enjoyed my time with it. 

This game was cute, but it was kind of small and difficult to see. Still, very cute and scary! For my full review, you can check out my blog: http://horrorrater.blogspot.com/2017/03/im-currently-obsessed-with-itch.html

Hello! I really like your game so far (I've only played half so far but I'll upload part two very soon!) The atmosphere is great and is really drawing me in the more I played. I can't wait to finish it but I've made part one of my let's play here~



What means RTP ?

It means Run Time Package. In this case it's the default assets that came with RPG Maker, and even though I don't really use any of them in this game I still haven't been able to make it run without needing it.

Basically, if you don't know what it is you probably need to download the version that has it, haha.

The audio mixing is A+. great game

Lindo e interresante, amei! Estou fazendo um vídeo desse jogo, da minha reação dos primeiros 30 minutos, mas até agora gostei muito! Parabéns!

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Wow, really great job! When I saw that you used Junji Ito for inspiration I knew I had to play! And you certainly delivered. The atmosphere was spot on. My stomach was all in knots--and I appreciated the Spiral chapter of the Mathematics book. It really took me back to reading Uzumaki by Junji Ito.

You can read more of my thoughts on the game in my blog review here: http://pajamagaming.blogspot.com/2017/02/from-next-door-pc.html

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Este é um grande jogo! Muito original, gráficos muito legais, trilha sonora na medida certa e o enredo é muito bom.

Certamente irei recomendar a todos que conheço. Ah, e eu me toquei das referências do Junji Ito enquanto jogava, nem me liguei na descrição. Me fez gostar ainda mais do jogo. <3


This is a great game! Very original, very nice graphics, soundtrack is just right and the plot is very good.

I will certainly recommend to everyone I know.


Obrigada! :D

Já não sou o melhor comentarista, e admito que fiquei tão envolvido pela história que esqueci de comentar durante a gravação. Mas aqui está a playlist.


I am not the best commentator already, and I admit I was so caught up by the story that I forgot to comment during the recording. But here's the playlist.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It's very clear how much effort was put into this, and I think the choice to set it in Japan is very interesting. It's also amazing that all the graphics were totally original; this is especially impressive because of how haunting the pixel-made art was.

This is unrelated to the game, but I laughed a lot when I saw that the realtors were from "Furukawa Housing" since one of my favorite Japanese indie artists is Furukawa Honpo. Though, he does sometimes write his name as Fullkawa instead.

Anyways, just thought I'd share! Keep up the good work!

Really felt the Junji Ito vibes! In fact, after playing this, I went and got my hardbound copy of Uzumaki to reread. You did a fantastic job overall. Really enjoyed your color palette, and especially your font choice. Brings me back to the "Kid Pix" days.

Looking forward to more from you! And I'm very impressed with the quality of the game considering it came from RPG Maker. Maybe I need to give the engine another look myself.

Thank you so much! I wish I had a physical copy of one of his works, but I just can't find them no matter where I look, haha

RPG Maker can do some great things, far more than most people give it credit for! There are limitations, sure, especially considering how easy it is to use, but you just need a little creativity and the right scripts (most of which you can find on the internet) to break from the traditional RPG formula it was made of and do something different.

I've been really thinking about using it, especially since I'm participating in my first game jam starting today and want to make sure I have a finished product. My limited experience is only in game maker, and I like it's coding system as its not too difficult to understand, in the same way python is.

So I have RPG maker, but after just one session of messing about with it, it's tools seemed very limited. Can you recommend a good starting point? Perhaps for a game similar to yours or one like The Witch's House? Scripts or tutorials that helped you out? Thanks in advance, and great job on your game once again!

Ps - Amazon has amazing hardbound collections of Uzumaki and Gyo and Tomie for only 15 bucks each!

While it is true that RPG Maker is limited, you just need to get creative with it! Basically I'd say know what you want to do with it and then start searching scripts that can help you achieve it (google is my best friend with this). If you're familiar with scripting and the engine's language you can do wonders with it, but if you're like me and only know some of it, you can probably try modifying existing scripts to do what you want. I don't really know any tutorials (I'm more of a learn by example kind of person, so all the modifying of the scripts I did were done by trial and error), but if you're looking for scripts I recommend starting with Yanfly, Yami, Himeworks, Galv and others (seriously, google is all you need friend), they have a vast selection of scripts that are, for the most part, free to use!

Thank you again and good luck with the game jam!

(PS: Yeah but those are in dollars isn't it? If you convert them to my local currency weeeeell it's not that cheap, plus shipping is a pain. I would need to find them in a physical store for me to buy haha i cry)

excellent game! the story is compelling and well made, it really manages to disturbing me, I had goosebumps.

Question before I download: I have RMVX Ace on my computer; does that mean I should already have the RTP files required to run this game? Do I need to copy them from somewhere? I'm on a VERY slow connection and it ain't getting faster any time soon so I can't dedicate 8-10 hours (not hyperbole. quite literal timeframe) to download the RTP-included version.

If you already have Ace, you should have the RTP too! So you can download the version without the RTP and just play it from there, without needing to do anything else c:

Namie is so cute XD

Hey this was a really impressive game, you did some great work. I really liked the choice of aesthetic and the horror atmosphere was top notch. Good work.

Couldn't run the game, error message says "RTP is required to run this game."

The game looks really interesting and the art is really nice

I've uploaded a new version of the game, and you can download the version that includes the RTP! Feel free to contact me again if you find any more problems c:


Started off slowly but once it got going I really enjoyed this! Pretty sure I got the bad ending though....

Haha yes, that would be the bad bad ending :> Thank you!

I can't run the game?? :O

Does it show some kind of error message, or something? I haven't had anyone come to me about not being able to run the game, aside from one person who couldn't extract the .rar which was probably caused by a corrupted download. I can't help unless I know about the specifics D:

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i cant run the game too i says unable to find file graphics system shadow

Apologies for the delay! I've uploaded a new version of the game, and you can try downloading the RTP version (it includes the RPG Maker VX Ace's RTP) which might fix your problem.

Its very good, how many endings are in the game?


See here! (Because I can't seem to be able to hide spoilers in here)