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From Next Door is a short mystery-horror game developed for the 2016 Pixel Horror Jam, featuring 100% original graphics, story-driven gameplay, exploration and decision making. It draws inspiration from the works of Junji Ito and games like Silent Hill, with the story focused on the eerie and the bizarre.


Namie has just moved into a new house, one that was rented for a too-good-to-be-true price. It seemed like a good idea at first - nice house, low price, fully furnished, quiet neighborhood… but when she comes across a locked room on the second floor, she starts to realize there's more to the house than what she was told. Why is that room locked? Why did the previous tenant leave the house so suddenly, leaving his things behind? And what's the deal with the windowless house next door?


The game is largely centered around the story itself, with the player exploring the environment to discover clues and to progress forward. Exploration is the key to uncovering the game's mysteries - and although the game follows a linear story line, the choices you make will affect how you discover information and, perhaps, even affect the outcome of things.

Length: ~50 min
Warning: Mild jumpscares
Headphones recommended!

Version 1.1 Update: Bug Fix
Version 1.2 Update: Added small hint for puzzle and bug fix
Version 1.3 Update: Bug fixes, added an RTP and no RTP version of the game

More information

Published40 days ago
Tags2D, Horror, Mystery, Pixel Art, Short
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

If you already have RPG Maker VX Ace's RTP installed, you can download the no RTP version. If not, download the RTP version which already includes it.

Feel free to report any bugs you might encounter!


From Next Door1.3 (no RTP).rar (26 MB)
From Next Door 1.3 (RTP included).rar (211 MB)


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Couldn't run the game, error message says "RTP is required to run this game."

The game looks really interesting and the art is really nice

I've uploaded a new version of the game, and you can download the version that includes the RTP! Feel free to contact me again if you find any more problems c:


Started off slowly but once it got going I really enjoyed this! Pretty sure I got the bad ending though....

Haha yes, that would be the bad bad ending :> Thank you!

I can't run the game?? :O

Does it show some kind of error message, or something? I haven't had anyone come to me about not being able to run the game, aside from one person who couldn't extract the .rar which was probably caused by a corrupted download. I can't help unless I know about the specifics D:

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i cant run the game too i says unable to find file graphics system shadow

Apologies for the delay! I've uploaded a new version of the game, and you can try downloading the RTP version (it includes the RPG Maker VX Ace's RTP) which might fix your problem.

Its very good, how many endings are in the game?


See here! (Because I can't seem to be able to hide spoilers in here)